Owen Blair – Christmas Baby Photography

Mike, Jen and I have been friends for an extremely long time. Mike was my room mate for basically 4 years in college and we couldn’t have had more fun.  To be perfectly honest, when Jen asked me for some Christmas Baby Photography of Owen I was a little hesitant at first. I had never shot babies before, only weddings and adults. I had also heard some real horror stories about how hard it is working with little kids and babies. I must say though, with Owen, those stories are all FALSE! Owen couldn’t have been any more well behaved for our shoot. He was mesmerized by the camera and anything else that got within his reach.

If he isn’t in a magazine soon something is definitely wrong in this world.

MAG-A-ZINE… Macy’s call me!

Is there a Christmas baby magazine?

This needs to be on a cover somewhere… soon!





A little out take from the shoot. Mike hasn’t changed a bit!

Thanks Mike and Jen for letting me take you christmas baby photos! Hope you can find one that you like ;-p

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