Cape Cod Family Photography – The Landons

Every year the Landons take a family vacation and this year it was to Cape Cod, MA.  As with most families the older people grow the harder it is to get everyone together for family events never mind gathering everyone for a photo session. So when my good friend and long time college roommate Matt let me know that he was coming back to town on his annual visit and he was trying to book a photographer to take some family pictures, I jumped at the chance. I couldn’t believe when I arrived at the location of the shoot. The house was HUGE and literally as close to water as you could get.

Before we get into all of the pictures, my favorite shot of the afternoon is this candid of Savannah while she waited for her Mom and Dad to settle into some portraits.

We were blessed with a beautiful Cape Cod afternoon during which I took the opportunity to jump into the surprisingly warm water before snapping a few candid pictures.

Matt shares a moment with his daughter Marlie.

Baby Lyla is mesmerized by the camera

Still trying to figure out what that big tube with the reflective glass is that is pointing at her.. and more importantly why it is interrupting her meal!! I literally couldn’t decide if this or the one of Savannah at the top of the post was my favorite. Look at those eyes!!!

The family then began to get ready. Lyla can’t get enough attention from the camera.

Savannah is getting a head start on breaking boys hearts

Once the families were ready we headed outside for some portraits. First up was Matt’s sisters family.

The three ladies

I snapped a couple pictures of Marlie and Savannah on the stairs to the beach while we wait for the adults.


Lyla is showing something to Brendan

I love this one of the eldest daughters from both sides of the family surveying the beach from the top of the stairs

Kaitlyn hated the camera in the house. On the beach you couldn’t get her away from it!

We then took the entire family down to the beach for some portraits

Everyone knows whom the true centers of attention are

Another full family portrait on some rocks that hold back the sand and keep the beaches beautiful

Kristen and Brendan with their daughters

Trying to keep their attention isn’t easy!

Two of the girls are preoccupied during the shoot by a collection of shells gathered by other beach goers.

Matt and Stephanie with their daughters

and throwing nana into the mix!

Matt and Stephanie with Marlie and Savannah in front of the ocean

Added in nana but Savannah was more interested in chewing on her mothers sweater

The three oldest girls sat together on a beach chair Brendan brought down from the house

What a good looking family!!!

Trying to get the “true” Landon’s in a picture but Kaitlyn has some thoughts of her own. I told you once she got to the beach she didn’t want to leave sight of the camera.

Stephanie wanted some head shots for a decoration idea she has for her house. Matty was up first.

Followed by Stephanie

Then the girls stepped in. Marlie has a beautiful smile!

and so does Savannah!!!

I caught this candid moment with Brendan and Lyla watching the action

While Matty and his family climbed up on the rocks for some more portraits

Steph and her daughters

My other favorite shot of the afternoon next to the second one of baby Lyla! I snapped this candid shot of Savannah after she had come down from the rocks so her Mom and Dad could get a picture together.

Matt and Steph relax on the rocks

A candid moment right before Matt helps Marlie down from the rocks

another candid moment where Marlie shows me a treasure she found on the beach.

Overall a fantastic afternoon shoot and great time. We were really hoping for some sunset shots but such as with any New England weather unpredictably stuck and blinding fog rolled in on the afternoon. Everything worked out perfectly though because it was dinner time and the girls needed their photo shoot treats!!


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