Lauren and Dennis – Newburyport Wedding

Lauren and Dennis were married at the Atikinson Common in Newburyport and held their reception at the recently renovated Steeple Hall at Mission Oak Grill in Newburyport, MA. Per usual protocol I was with the groom while he got ready and Molly was off with the ladies. Lauren and Dennis were blessed with a beautiful summer afternoon for their wedding and other than a little delay from a few groomsmen (for once its the guys!!) everything went off without a hitch.

Steeple Hall at the Mission Oak Grill in Newburyport has a wonderful changing room when I start photographing Dennis as he gets ready.

Dennis is a little bit of a perfectionist – making sure his tie is perfectly straight.

Dennis gets his boutineer

I then took Dennis outside for some portraits before the trolly came to take everyone off to the ceremony.

A park in Newburyport right next to the reception venue

Once the trolley arrives we head aboard to take a few pictures.

Dennis takes a little time out while pacing back and forth waiting for his groomsmen to arrive

but is all smiles while chatting with some of the guests as they await the second trolley trip

Dennis is the center of attention as the last trolley leaves the Steeple at Mission Oak Grill

Looks like the groomsmen made it in time!

Lauren’s brother escorts her down the aisle in front of a fountain at the Atkinson Common

The ceremony is held in front of this pillar

Lauren stares deep into Dennis’s eyes during the ceremony


and so happy before…

the kiss!!!!

The newlyweds walk over the bridge after the ceremony

I snapped this picture of a flower girl waiting on the Gazebo while Molly worked with the newlyweds

my camera catches the attention of one of the bridesmaids while the others look on

Dennis glances at Lauren while the wedding party is assembled

The newlyweds share a kiss

a portrait of Lauren on the gazebo

We then head back into downtown Newburyport on the trollies to take some photos down by the water. I snapped this picture of Dennis as I caught him using the reflection in a window to make sure his tie was straight before some more formal pictures.

the group shot

a kiss on the pier

looking good up there!

One last kiss before heading back to the Mission Oak Grill

newlyweds crossing!

I’m trying to limit the numbers of photos in each blog post so that is it for now. As always be sure to check out Mollys blog for the best of her pictures with a few of my other shots mixed in.

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