Publick House Inn Wedding : Mark and Julie

Being a second shooter, whenever I arrive at a wedding with Molly I never know what to expect. The schedule is already planned out and the details are formalized. I’m expected to show up, meet the couple (usually the groom first) on the biggest day of their life and be ready to shove a camera directly in their face. This day was no different than any other. I arrive on location and run into Molly who is on her way into the venue – The Publick House Inn in Sturbridge, MA. We met the guys at the bar and head our separate ways. Myself with the groom and Molly with the bride.

This particular day was the first time I’ve hung out with the groom alone. Usually all the groomsmen are hanging around “preparing” for wedding (read: consuming adult beverages and torturing the groom as much as possible). This time I hung out with Mark for an hour and a half before the wedding.

I started setting up my gear in the room while Mark showered. After he was done I started snapping pictures as he got ready. The first one in the bathroom as he prepared his hair. Mark, noticing that I have a shaved head, informs me that he usually shaves his hair during the summer but Julie made him hold off for the occasion.

This shot I took using a shoot through umbrella and an on camera flash as Mark got dressed.

The first look wasn’t until 4:30 and given that his groomsmen were in a different room getting ready the process was quick. Mark and I head down to the bar to wait and have a beer when Mark receives a pre-ceremony gift.


We then meet up with Molly and the bride for the first look:


Followed by a few pictures on a hill behind the venue.







Further up on the hill is a stone wall. A perfect location for a few shots.


The groomsmen are ready so its time for some group shots.


The ring bearer with a huge smile!

A few more set shots with just Mark before the ceremony.

Mark jokes that he was a watch model – second career!!!

Time for the ceremony


Reacting to comments from the family


Mark reads the vows that he wrote for Julie

Sealed with a kiss!


Congratulations are in order!

The reception is in an area of the venue called “The Barn

Mark and Julie enter Paige Hall at the Publick House Inn

All smiles during the first dance

Mark and his mother

Cake cutting



Warding off the vampire (camera man) with a cross

Check out Molly’s blog for her amazing pictures

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