Regatta Place Wedding: Art and Kate

Newport RI is a place that I honestly can’t say I had ever visited before I started getting into wedding photography. Living in Boston for the better part of 12 years now and the fact that Newport is only an hour and a half you would think I would have been more. Its such a beautiful area. I can’t even count how many times I’ve visited Providence but never Newport. If you’ve never been you HAVE to visit. It’s awesome!

For this wedding the groomsmen and brides maids were getting ready in the fabulous Villa One Twenty which is a boutique hotel they had rented. Per usual protocol I was with the guy as they got ready while Molly was with the ladies.

On to the photos!!!

Apparently there IS an app for everything on the iPhone. The guys weren’t pleased with their standard knots so they learned how to do Windsor knots on the fly with help from the app.

Kate had added a little custom touch to Art’s tie.

Making sure everything is straight!

Portraits with the groomsmen, flower girls, and little usher

Relaxing with some yard games before the first look. Starting off with boccie.

Art contemplates the best approach for his next shot in croquet

Perfect form

Kate sneaks a peek at Art before their first look

You could say Art was pleasantly surprised!

Wiping away a few tears

Sneaking in a kiss

Art gets his boutonniere

An intimate moment before group shots

Art shows off his socks while Kate rocks the shoes

The bridal party

A bridesmaid looks on in front of the heart wreath hanging in front of Villa One Twenty

We then took a trolly over to Kate’s Aunt house for some more pictures. The guys had something up their sleeves.

Yup, they decided they wanted to do a jump shot. The groomsmen on the left KILLED IT!!

We then took the trolly over to the downtown area of Newport for some more pictures. I really like this moment with Art helping Kate cross the street.

Posing in the street

We had to clear the road to let a car pass through. I asked Kate to lean back against the glass window and snapped this photo. Magazine Material!

In front of the restaurant on the pier

One last pose before we head to the ceremony. Definitely one of my favorites of the afternoon 

I snapped a quick shot of the cake before the ceremony

Kate’s Dad escorts her down the aisle. I don’t’ think Kate stopped smiling all day.

Still smiling – this time at Art.

A kiss marks the end of the ceremony.

Kate poses with some guest dressed in matching outfits.

Forehead to forehead for the first dance!

Like most things this day, ending in a kiss!

After the first dance, Kate’s Dad delivered a heartfelt speech.

I think Kate is learning something new about Art during the best man’s speech!

A sunset shot at the end of the pier at the Regatta Place

Time to cut that cake. Art’s definitely ready.

Enjoying another kiss after the cake cutting.

Kate dances with her father

but Art cuts in and finishes the dance!!

Art and his sister

Art delivers a “thank you” speech to all the guests. Kate is fist pumping at the mention of her home town.

Time to get the dance party started!!!!!

Art and Kate join in on the fun

I kid you not the DJ, part of ECF Entertainment, just landed a back flip in the middle of the ongoing dance showcase circle.The reactions were priceless.

Sing into your microphone tie Art!!!!!!

Everyone smile for the camera!

Be sure to check out Molly’s Blog post for the best of our combined pictures with her amazing edits.

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