Tewksbury Country Club Wedding – Danielle & Derek

I know I’ve said this a few times already but honestly I still can’t believe it. Every time I go to a wedding it amazes how nice everyone is. I swear I hadn’t even introduced myself to Derek’s Groomsmen before they were already offering me a seat and a beer as they hung outside on this sweltering Saturday afternoon. I knew right away we’d get along. Its probably a name thing!! The whole family laughed and jeered Derek all afternoon as he prepared for his wedding. I guess it helps that his brothers had already been through this before. They are the type of family you can tell how very tight knit and loving they are the moment you step in the door.

Before we get into all of the pictures here is my favorite from the afternoon:


As per usual protocol I was with the guys while they got ready and Molly was with the girls. As soon as I got to where Derek was preparing he started opening a gift that he received from Danielle. Oakleys!!!

Derek smiles at the note that accompanied the gift while joking “I just wrote ‘I love you’ on my gift. Danielle wrote a novel.”

Derek’s dad gets a little assistance with his tie.

All of the groomsmen received glasses as their gifts. Even this little guy. Watch out Ladies!

Derek’s Mother helps him with his boutineer

The groomsmen with mom and dad on their front porch

Derek poses for a smile in front of the bus they took to the church and reception!

On the bus ready to head over the ceremony

A nervous hand gesture as we waited outside.

Danielle waits to enter the church

I perched up on the balcony and grabbed this shot of Danielle walking down the isle with her grandfather

Derek’s mother looks on during the ceremony

A bridesmaid overcome with emotion

Danielle sneaks in a smile during the ceremony

Yup.. definitely smiling!

How happy are you?!?!

A view from the back of the church

All smiles after the ceremony as the champagne toast is prepared

Champagne on ice

As soon as we arrived at the Tewksbury Country Club we headed outside for some portraits with the wedding party. I covered the guys.

and snuck in this shot of Derek as Molly worked her magic with the girls

A few groomsmen looked on while the ladies were photographed

So did Danielle’s grandfather while he cooled off with a nice cold glass of water

Danielle and Derek snuck in a kiss as we headed out to the golf course at the Tewksbury Country Club

A reflection in the water trap

shot through the tall grass

sharing a kiss

my favorite shot from the afternoon. Look at that sky!

A different angle while Molly works more of her magic

Love the bokeh on the Sigma 85 1.4

Derek and Danielle share a laugh as we finish up portraits

Time for the introductions. Props from the photobooth were used to spice things up a little bit

A groomsmen catches a prop as part of their introduction routine

Looking good!

Derek and Danielle make their entrance

and head straight into their first dance

bouquets sit on the edge of the head table

One of Derek’s brothers gives a speech

The little man does not want to wait. He is toasting his apple juice whether you like it or not!

Things get emotional as a recorded speech is played on a projector from a brother in the military who is unable to attend the ceremony

Getting ready to cut the cake. Check out the rest of the pictures from the cake smoosh on my facebook page.

Love this moment where Danielle helps Derek fix his tie before the mother son dance.

Danielle and her grandfather look on during the mother son dance

All smiles!

Danielle dances with her grandfather. The guy had some serious moves!!!

I think Derek is ready to play “Who is more likely…”

Someone has something to learn ;-p

Guess we have a mutual understanding of who’s better in this category

The entire gang poses for a shot

Getting a ride off the dance floor

Yup… you can’t have any more fun that that!

The winners of the bouquet and garter toss. I must confess though, the contest was a little rigged 🙂

Derek poses with a guest

and Danielle with one of her bridesmaids

Good night everyone!!!

I want to thank Danielle and Derek for allowing me to assist in capturing their special day and especially Molly for having me along!! As usual check out her blog for the best of both our pictures with her amazing edits.

Check out the rest of the images from the cake smoosh on my facebook page and be sure to “like” Derek Gilbert photography to get all the latest updates.


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