Andy and Lindsey – Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding Sneak Peek

A sneak peak into Andy and Lindsey’s Wedding photography from Zukas Hilltop Barn

Melissa and Steve – Vermont Wedding Sneak Peek

A sneak peak from the wedding photography of Melissa and Steve’s Vermont Wedding

Amira and Edis – Indian Ridge Country Club Wedding

Amira and Edis were married at the fabulous Indian Ridge Country Club. Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding day including the belly dancer Amira’s bridesmaids hired as a surprise!

Luna & Rod – Harvard Faculty Club Wedding

Luna and Rod were married at the Harvard Faculty Club on the beautiful Harvard campus. Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding!

Glen Magna Farm Wedding – Jeff & Marion

Jeff and Marion must have paid a pretty penny to someone to have their Glen Magna Farm Wedding under such perfect conditions. I overheard multiple people say how perfect of a day it was. Guests and vendors alike were throwing around phrases like “best October in the last 50 years” – and I bet they were right. The weather was gorgeous, the grounds were perfect and the skys were that soft overcast that all wedding photographers dream about. These two really deserved a perfect day after all the hard-work they put into their wedding. Every little detail was managed to perfection as hopefully these images reflect.

Griffin Museum of Photography Wedding – Pan-Pan & Mauricio

There’s always this awkward moment in the wedding photography business when you first walk in the door to a potential clients house where you have that half second fear of what kind of people you are about to meet. Are they friendly? How’s the conversation going to go? With Pan-Pan and Mauricio that feeling was instantly gone. They are two of the nicest most sincere people you will ever meet. I knew we were going to hit off immediately when Pan-Pan said she LOVES cat’s and told me that they contacted me because I mentioned Starcraft on my profile. Anyone that knows probably realizes at this point that this was a match made in heaven. Possibly my two favorite things in the world (that aren’t edible). They both made me feel instantly at home. As I later found out, these two are known for hosting Mauricio’s famous BBQs so they’ve had plenty of practice! I only met them that first day and they secured their booking within 15 minutes of meeting. I’d say we hit it off.

Their wedding was at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. On to the images…

Glen Magna Farm Wedding Photography

Jeff & Marion – Glen Magna Farm Wedding Tease

A quick tease from Jeff & Marion’s wedding at Glen Magna Farm in Danvers, MA

Adam and Arielle – Kirkbrae Country Club Wedding

Everyone remember Adam and Arielle from their Boston Common engagement photo shoot? Well they are back on the blog!! This time for their fabulous wedding from August at the Kirkbrae Country Club.

Caitlyn and Bryan St. Ignatius of Loyola Wedding

I worked Caitlyn and Bryan’s St. Ignatius of Loyola wedding for Molly  back in August. Needless to say I’m a little behind on blogging. The funny part about weddings and meeting someone new is there is always the general exchange of pleasantries and water cooler talk. With Caitlyn and Bryan it turns out that water cooler talk put’s them about 3 rows in front of our group at BC football games. I ran into them a few weeks later and hardly recognized them among the sea of yellow shirts.