About Me / FAQ

It’s very important to me and my photography to establish a relationship with every client. When you book me you should already have an idea of who I am and what I’m about.

About me:

Derek Gilbert Photography

From early in college when I began recording live concerts, to when I bought my first digital camera, and finally my first DSLR camera, the goal has been the same; capture and preserve the moment when the environment, participants, and emotions all come together in perfect harmony. If a slight smile comes to your face EVERY time you view an image then I’ve accomplished my goal.

My technical background puts me in a unique position to fully comprehend and put to use the various functions and complexities of modern day DSLR cameras to capture the best images possible.

Get to know me:

Outside of photography, I’m a genuine mix between jock and dork. I love sports. I play in a basketball league across from the TD Garden. I enjoy running, hiking, biking, tennis, ping-pong, skiing, and hitting the gym. You name it – if there is competition involved I probably do it or have at some point in my life. When I’m not partaking in sports I’m probably on my computer developing a new web idea (that I’ll probably never finish) or playing video games. I’ve logged countless hours of the pc game Starcraft (think of it like a speed chess competition against a different opponent every time). I also enjoy first person shooters, most recently the Call of Duty series.

I don’t drink coffee. I enjoy a good beer, especially on a nice fall day outdoors or after a hard day of skiing. I have 2 cats named Boto and Jarris. They kept their names from the rescue shelter. I try to eat healthy, but have a weak spot for cheese, ice cream and anything that can be grilled. I don’t really ever watch T.V. outside of football and basketball, but I do enjoy watching movies. I don’t like pizza – I know.. I’m weird.



What can I expect?

By the end of the night I’ll just be “one of the gang”. You will probably mistake me for a regular guest you’ve known since childhood. We’ll both be sad that the night is over but elated when we get to go through the final pictures.

What’s your shooting style?

My style is very photo-journalistic. We will do portraits when the time is right and capture those incredible candid moments throughout your special day.

Do you have backup equipment?

I always carry 2 cameras, 2 flashes, multiple lenses in the same focal range, and numerous batteries.
As is with all technology, you never know when something might fail. Always be prepared. Always have backups.

How many pictures can I expect to receive?

The number of pictures will depend on the length of the shoot. I do not guarantee any set number of pictures for any type of session. What I do guarantee is that you will receive the highest quality photos that capture the event from beginning to end. Anything that does not meet my quality standards will be deleted.
Please see my blog for typical coverage samples.

Do you travel for shoots?

Absolutely! Variety is the spice of life as the saying goes. However, pricing may vary based on the distance.