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Arielle and Adam – Boston Public Garden Engagement

There are many ways to be successful in this world but, in my opinion, two of the  top ways are to be gifted with intelligence and to have that glowing personality which makes it tough for people to not want to be around you. Arielle and Adam are BOTH neuroscience PHD students at Brown University. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they nailed the intelligence part. Once you take a look at these images you’ll understand the second part. I swear I tried my hardest to get Arielle to not smile during our Boston Public Garden engagement session but no matter what methods I tried to pull out, she couldn’t stop. That, my friends, is contagious. Adam thought that the “study face” would do it but we just couldn’t pull it off. Some things are just harder than neuroscience I guess!!

Larry and Selam The Neighborhood Club Wedding

A quick tease from Larry and Selam’s wedding at The Neighborhood Club of Quincy.

Arielle and Adam Boston Public Garden Engagement

We had a great time yesterday at Arielle and Adam’s Boston Public Garden Engagement session.

More to come…