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Chris and Sara Elizabeth Park Wedding

Here are the rest of the blog images from Chris and Sarah’s Elizabeth Park Wedding where I was second shooting for the fabulous Molly Anne again. I spent most of my morning shooting the guys while Molly covered the ladies as they got ready at the brides house. This was such a fun wedding!! and to say that the rose garden was anything less than spectacular would be an understatement. It was such an incredible place to shoot.

Picture Restoration

Stephanie a month or so ago sent me some old pictures of her Dad. A few of them were awesome but a little beat up so I decided to work some photoshop magic to restore them to their original glory. I got so into it I ended up staying up well after midnight on a work day resurrecting them because I loved the pictures so much and the black & white one required a significant amount of work.

Stephanie loves having her photo taken

Just kidding.. she hates it!! but she is a good sport. We went out in the middle of a Sunday afternoon (the worst possible time to take pictures) just to mess around in a few spots that I’ve wanted to shoot around my neighborhood. As concession I let her take a few pictures of me. She did a great job!!!