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Nick and Lauren Elm Bank Reservation Wedding

Nick and Lauren were married at the fabulous Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley, MA. Per usual with my time working for Molly, I started with the guys at Nick’s parents house in Newton before we headed over to the venue. Nick’s group of friends were hilarious and really helped (or maybe hurt!) relieve the stress levels before the ceremony.

Christine and Brendan Florian Hall Wedding

Everyone knows how unpredictable New England weather can be. That can be a big problem for brides who are trying to plan the perfect wedding day. Fortunately for Christine and Brendan that “typical New England weather”, you know, the one where we get a 3′ storm in march, happened a week before their wedding.

Christine and Brendan live in Dorchester and Brendan is a firefighter so it is only fit that they had there wedding at the Florian Hall. Per usual I started out with Brendan while he got ready and Molly headed off to shoot the ladies. Brendan was telling stories of how great his neighborhood is and how everyone came together during the storm to help each other shovel out. Brendan is a firefighter so, in life interrupting situations like that particular storm, he is often on duty for countless hours. Brendan described coming home to clean sidewalks, a clean driveway and neighbors hanging out in the streets with a cold drink waiting for him when he got home. There isn’t much better than that after a long day of serving the city.