Nick and Lauren Elm Bank Reservation Wedding

Nick and Lauren were married at the fabulous Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley, MA. Per usual with my time working for Molly, I started with the guys at Nick’s parents house in Newton before we headed over to the venue. Nick’s group of friends were hilarious and really helped (or maybe hurt!) relieve the stress levels before the ceremony.

Getting really relaxed…

The guys helped each other with their ties. A serious discussion was had as to which type of knot they were going with. Its so tough being a guy!

Still working on that tie

Nick preps his tie

Signing a cigar box as a gift for the groom

Nick’s brother helps him with his jacket.

but we  had to revert back for some last minute tux adjustments

Nick’s dad gives a final inspection to make sure everything is straight, trim and proper

Then the jacket goes back on

We then headed over to Elm Bank Reservation for the Wedding Ceremony. A shot of the guys hanging out before the ceremony.

The guys made it their mission to get an “album cover” photo

They had a lot of clever ideas!

Nick waits anxiously for the ceremony

and poses with his Dad

The ceremony begins

Lauren is all smiles

definitely enjoying this moment!

non-stop smiles


The happy couple

Nick’s sister helps to adjust his boutineer

Lauren looks fantastic with that daylight glow coming through the trees

another pose

enjoying some cocktails

my personal favorite from the day

I don’t think these two could be any more photogenic

a grand chariot provides a suitable ride back to the reception area

where they went into first dances

Lauren is soooo happy!

Time for some dancing!




Be sure to check out Molly’s blog for our combined picture with her awesome edits!

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