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Baby Maddie

New Babies in the family. First up is baby Maddie with those big curious eyes…

Cape Cod Family Photography – The Landons

Every year the Landons take a family vacation and this year it was to Cape Cod, MA.  As with most families the older people grow the harder it is to get everyone together for family events never mind gathering everyone for a photo session. So when my good friend and long time college roommate Matt let me know that he was coming back to town on his annual visit and he was trying to book a photographer to take some family pictures, I jumped at the chance. I couldn’t believe when I arrived at the location of the shoot. The house was HUGE and literally as close to water as you could get.

Before we get into all of the pictures, my favorite shot of the afternoon is this candid of Savannah while she waited for her Mom and Dad to settle into some portraits.