Dan & April – Wakefield Maternity Photography

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting April’s maternity session with her husband Dan. I’m very fortunate to be friends with such photogenic people. April tried to keep saying how tired she has been lately was but it was really hard to believe her because that little fire-cracker was absolutely beaming the entire session!! We had a wonderful time and got some fantastic photos and we even had the added bonus of stopping by everyone’s favorite ice cream place Cravings!!

DanApril3_MG_0038 DanApril4_MG_0042 DanApril5_MG_0047 DanApril6_DSC1246 DanApril7_MG_0055 DanApril8_DSC1250 DanApril9_MG_0064 DanApril10_MG_0067 DanApril11_DSC1254 DanApril12_DSC1263 DanApril13_MG_0075

DanApril1_MG_0070 DanApril14_MG_0077 DanApril15_MG_0091
DanApril17_DSC1271 DanApril18_DSC1279

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  1. Miriam perez
    November 3, 2015 at 12:23 pm ·

    The pictures are beautiful congrats to both of you:)

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